Estate Sales Information

There are over 5000 names on my lists and the regular buyers know that things sell quickly and as a result orders come in rapidly the first time an item is on a list.

Sometimes I buy an estate outright, but in many cases I handle the sale of estates on a commission basis.

One recent estate sale yielded ofter $6,500.00 in about three of four sales emails sent out. The two I am currently working on have yielded $5,650.00 and $3,793.00.

Attached is a copy of a sales list I sent out recently, to give you and idea of hope my lists look when I send them out.

I go through all the items and clean them up.

If there are any small repairs that I am able to do, I’ll do them, otherwise I point out any defects prior to the sale.

I then take photos of each item and write something about each item that will give the potential buyer an idea of what the effect is. I often list what it cost new or what it’s worth to collectors.

Then I figure a reasonable price and go over that with you the seller to make sure that is acceptable.

If an Item doesn’t sell the first time it is listed we will try again in a month or two. After a couple listings, we’ll talk about price reductions.

Any expense such as postage or insurance to send items to the buyer is on me or the buyer. This does not include your shipping or delivering the items to me.

Paypal and credit card fees are my expenses. 

My commission for taking on the estate is 50% of the selling price. 

I always do my best to get the highest price possible for the seller. 

Let me know if this meets with your approval. and we can talk further.

Thank you,
Steve Varro